Thursday, February 24, 2011

I have to admit this and hope someone does the same...

I never really window shop. I just pretend to. I really just check myself out. Make sure my rolls are tucked in properly, make sure that my booty is round when I walk and not lumpy...etc.

I can't be alone in this..... spill the beans girls!

Friday, February 18, 2011

no words..just laughs.

v day..

My Valentines Day was NOT full of flowers and chocolates. But instead...

The night before V day, I went to bed early. I felt T come to bed a couple of hours later. Then I felt him get outta bed for a couple of minutes. When he's came back, I asked him if he just filled out my V Day card? He blushed and said, "Yeah". At least he got it in before I woke up the next morn. We are making progress..
So there was my 2 year old V Day card propped up on the bathroom sink. Yes, it's true. He started to write in the card last year, and forgot all about it. So, I told him to save it and just give it to me this year. And that's what the cheaps-cake did.
I headed out right after rising and grabbed Jack ( who was softly whispering in bed, "Mom, Mama,Mommy, Youwhoooooo!" For he didn't want to wake up bro) and we headed to get VDay donuts.
The rest of the day was the usual. I bought lil VDay presents for the kids and I made J a plate full of heart shaped foods and he only had a piece of cheese.. lil stink. He has been in a real funk this week. He just reeks of pubescent attitude. Complete with the 'scuffs' and the side ways glares. He always says "No way Mom" But this is different. He now says, I kid you not, with a valley girl accent, "argghhh.... ummm... Mom, uh, No way." Then walks away like I am some loser. It has really been hurting my feelings!! I don't know where he gets it from!! Surely not me, I am an angel.
That night I made a homemade pizza (scroll down for an earlier posted pic). But the kids were terrors so poor Timmy ate his pizza and wine upstairs away from his Valentine. :( After that we had a red bubble bath and a ton of fun in the bathtub. The boys are to die for when they bathe together. They laugh and splash each other. It's awesome.
After that I placed them both in red pjs and put boxers on Jack since he has a couple of hours before bed.
Worst mistake. The kid sharded his pants. I heard the loud 'TOOT" and he yelled,"Mom, poop!" And pick him up and ran to the toilet, but oops... I slipped on something wet down the hall, and we both ate it... little did I know, that we slipped on all his diarrhea that was streaming out of his pjs. Yes, I was covered in his wet crap. So he finished off on the potty, and I went to investigate the mess down the hall... way worse then I imagined. He might have as well been naked. The poop left a small mess in his pants and decided to grace my freshly mopped floor instead. "TIIIM!! Can here Valentine! I have Jack's present for you!!!" He ran down and started gagging. I said,"You get the crap on the floor and I will clean me and J up." "But how?" He says with his nose plugged. " Really Tim? Do I need to instruct you on how to clean up crap? You have been a Dad for over 2 years, figure it out! We have rags and paper towels right behind you!"
Later that evening, after poo butt and baby were fast asleep, I watched The Bachelor by myself. I asked Timmy once he came down ( He had a big project that day), what was my V Day present. His reply.."I thought it was obvious.... My body. You lucky Valentine, are the only one in the world I am allowing to run your hands all over it." " Oh joy, "I said. "Just what I always wanted..." Then we made the bedroom windows steam up like you wouldn't believe.

ps. My gift to him was going to be some KY Intense stuff that I saw on tv. But then it turned out to be $25 for the bottle. Sorry T... how about a message instead??

Sunday, February 6, 2011