Thursday, November 25, 2010

Just stunning. Now this is my kinda dress. How cute with some boots? So sexy!

Monday, November 22, 2010

2 years..

Happy Birthday (yesterday) to my beautiful baby boy! You are so smart and so funny. You are just like me ;) I could right a novel on how wonderful you are. Everyone that knows me, knows that you are one of the 2 most precious things in my life. Kid, you have so much spirit and life in you, that it sometimes sucks the life outta me!You're exhausting! But more fun than anyone I have ever been around.You are so courageous and kind. Gentle and temperamental. Loud and soft spoken. Fearless and adventurous. Beautiful and so so happy.
I can't even began to write how much I love you and how proud I am of you every single day. I would miss a lot of the beauty in the world, if it weren't for you. You bring color out all around me. Daddy and I love nothing more than getting you excited and watching you light up. Whether it's giving you a handful of spinkles or pooping in the toilet. You are so easy to please and that makes you so wonderful to be around.
You are so unbelievably popular. We know people in India that want to be my friend on Facebook, just to see pictures of you. No joke. We have met many a people that say," Oh, you're Jack's parents?" And you just turned 2. You are so easy to love. I am excited to see what wonderful man you will become. But in the meantime....
Thank you so much for putting up with a mom like me. I sometimes forget to stop and cherish the stages you are in. Like that you still pee on the carpet or how you still need your little 'lamby' and binky to fall asleep.
2 years went 2 fast. I will try my hardest to memorize every second from now on. I love you my little man!
"Skinamarinkadink...I love you!"

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

pretty for your bum..

I finally did it after 3 years! I reupholster my kitchen chairs. They needed it so badly! I wish I took a picture of them before I did it. So just trust me when I say, "Hideous!" They were this country blue and white floral print that were stained to the max.
I also wore down the edges with a nail filer. Yep! We didn't have any sand paper so I improvised with nail files. I don't suggest it. It was very annoying to do.
But what a fun project this was! I am pumped to do more house projects!

Friday, November 12, 2010

in a nutshell...

A little update kids...
  • I have succeeded in only reading 1 book off of my "100 books in a year"list. Laaaame! I started with Madame Bovary, and I have to say.. I didn't finish it before it was due back at the library. It was sooo boring to me! I don't even want to go back and look at the list. I am dreading it now!I do want to keep on my reading, even though it is VERY difficult to find time to read. I am just going to read famous novels that interest me. Like Dracula. I have finished the first page. Maybe I can find some time tonight to read the second page.

  • For the past 3 times he has needed to poop, Jack has dukied in the big toilet. He is so thrilled when he does it. He did poop a raisiny poop in the shower last night though. But in all fairness, he did warn me, and I just ignored it since he had pooped earlier that day. I guess you do poop mulitpal times in one day. Next time, I am all ears.

  • I have been going to SeaFit, for the last 4 weeks, and I am kicking butt. In 2 weeks I have lost 1 inch in my waist and 1/2in. in my arms. None in my hips or thighs.. in time, in time.I am quite proud of this and am pumped to keep going even after my 12 weeks are up. I even arrive early. I NEVER arrive early to anything. I have also started running this week. I ran a hilly road for 20 minutes straight. ok... that's HUGE for me. First off, I have never been able to run non stop for that long in my life AND I haven't fun in 1 1/2 years! I felt like a goddess in the wind. Are you proud of me MEGAN??!!

  • On an embarrassing note, I have had the WORST time not eating Halloween candy. Ok,... now this bad. I even bought bags of candy for Jack's piñata, so there is SO much all around the house! I started by hiding it in the closet, and that didn't work. So instead I put all of it ( except a few Reeses, for emergency.) inside of the Piñata. Ok, that didn't work either. I know! I am a pig! I punched a hole in the back and ate out most of the Reeses'!!! Don't judge, friends! I am hormonal!
So, Timmy made this sign, and honestly, I haven't touched one candy outta that pinata.
I have a secret stash in my undies drawer.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I love this goofy faced boy.

And by the way.. He is Steve and Blue all rolled into one.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

pumpkin poison??

Yes you read that title right.
Last night I was so excited to make some pumpkin muffins. I had all the ingredients! Except baking soda. So I went to my emergency closet for some. I found an old unopened box of baking soda that I got from someone a looong time ago. I should have been warned from the 70's cartoon drawings all over the box. But I was desperate and I thought,"hmm.. 1 tablespoon won't hurt. Then I will throw the rest away." And I did.
After 20 minutes in the oven, my delectable smelling pumpkin mini muffins came sweeping out of the oven and onto the counter to cool. The sweet smell of Fall wafted throughout my whole house making it such a festive night. Until I took a bite...
Before I did though, I pumped Jack up to have one. I gave him 2 in his bowl. After the first bite, I heard him cough. Then cough again.And then AGAIN. What the H? I bit down tenderly, trying to savor every morsel... then I spat it out faster than you say spat. What in the world?? The WHOLE muffin tasted of baking soda. The stupid baking soda never un-clumped! My mouth burned like I poured the box down my throat! My mouth was starting to bubble! (just kidding, but almost!) I ran and told Jack that it was yucky and to give me the other one. He said," No way Mom. These (cough) are the (cough) best darn ( cough, cough) muffins eva." I said, " your funeral."
Needless to say, he never ate that second one. I found it whole in his bowl, in his closet.
What a wimp.
I 'totally redeemed myself!' by making some very yummy mini pump. muffins tonight with some Target brand bakin soda. Delicious. Even Tim had half a mini one.

another dream home!!

this one is a track home which i didn't really want, but OMG!! how beautiful!!! and it would be cheaper than what we are paying for our condo now! crazy!!

dream house!

Found the house of my dreams!!!! 4bed;5bath. built in 1916, lots and lots of land! Ugly celings but still to DIE for! Check out all the pics!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

change your shoes, change your life.

New boots. Can't decide if I can pull them off. What do you think? Also, got blonder hair and I am so NOT digging it.
Also, I looked a tad stoned.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Due Date Date Night

Going to see Due Date tonight with the other half.
No kids!!!
I will let you know how it ends.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

is this fo real?!

The Blobfish

This little guy looks more like a cartoon character than a fish. The Blob fish has very few muscles and move very slowly, floating like a jelly fish. To eat, the Blob fish waits on the bottom of the ocean for prey to pass by.




Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"You're my boy blue!"

So I never gave Gavin a proper shout out for his 2 month mark. How sad. This was the busiest week in the history of my life. I will post all about that next. First things first though. My baby.
You turned 2 months on Oct.24, and you are the sweetest thing on this planet. (Kaylin's new pup comes close). I have no idea how much you weigh since I have yet to take you to the Dr. ( new insurance stuff). But I am going to guess around 13 lbs?
You are wearing 3-6 month clothing and are much taller and I think almost chubbier than Jack at this age.
You are eating every 3 hours on the boob. I only pump when I have to leave you. Breastfeeding was quite the challenge with you, but we pushed thru and made it! Now in my book, it ranks as one of the top best feelings ever. Probably in my top 5. It is so beautiful to see you being nourished by me.
You can't keep your eyes off your mama. I think you stare at me more than your daddy did when we first met. It feels so wonderful to be loved so much by you! you smile every chance you get!
You are sleeping through the night now, about 6 hours straight then wake for food, then wake every 3 hrs. or so. You fall asleep fussing in your swing during the day. You are such a big boy!
You bat at all your hanging toys on your play mat. This is HUGE! I have a friend who's baby is a month older and pays no attention to his toys. Gavin, you are already ahead of the game, my friend.
You love your big bro oh so much! I can just see it in your eyes how much you can't wait to play trucks and play doh with the guy. And Jack loves you to pieces. Just this morning he shared his lovey,'lamby' with you without being asked. I am so so lucky to have such caring boys.
You absolutely LOVE your bath. ( Every boy loves to be naked, I guess).
You fall asleep in your car seat before we even get out of our neighborhood. LOVES the car ride.
HATES when I have to suction your nose and put some lotion on your poor dry,cradle capped head and face.
You are wearing size 2 diapers,but your butt is gettin kinda big, so we need to upgrade to a size 3.
That's about all.
I love you so so much! I really didn't think I could love again after your brother, but the moment I laid eyes on you, I found I had a whole other heart full of love just for you.
Happy 2 months, my dear boy!