Friday, June 24, 2011

The D Man...

All this kid ever does is make messes! Then he smiles and runs away to find a new corner to destroy! What a nut!! But we wouldn't be much without this guy. I asked him today "Where's Dada?" and he looked straight up into our loft where Tim works. I think he is brilliant. He is 10 months today and I seriously can't get over how time flies! This time last year I couldn't wait for him to come out and makes messes! Sometimes I wish I could put him pack in for a couple of hours! But for real, he is amazing. Some of his nicknames at 10 months: Gav,Gavy, Gav Gav, Gavers, G Unit, D, DD, D Unit, Deester, Dmiister, Whino, Baby love, Munchkin. I am so proud of you!!! I love you to the moon and back! Maybe even a little more....thanks for being my son.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fat Bottom Girls You Make The Rockin World Go Round!!!

Can i just say this...
As of today, I am down to my pre Gavin weight. 148 lbs.Sounds a lot to you skinny ladies, but I am freakin stoked. I was shooting to get down to this by June, and it has happened. My next goal is to be at pre baby weight at 140 lbs by G's first birthday.. Aug. 24. Then to 135 by Thanksgiving.. very realistic goals...LET'S DO THIS!!!


Friday, June 17, 2011

soooo blurry!!

How sweet! This is what I came home to this morning at 7am from working out. Tim said G had been awake since 5:30 when I left.. He played on the floor for an hour then fell asleep on Tim's arm on my side of the bed. Such love! I couldn't take another picture cause this one woke stinky up!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a big stain..

I am not even half way done with sanding this puppy.So many grooves, it's taking a lifetime to do!! I was going to paint it baby blue with some new rockin handles, but Tim convinced me to just stain it. A little nervous cause I have never stained and I know it takes lots of work. It's such a chunk of furniture that it will draw too much attention to it if we paint it.. ugly isn't?? It's going to take me at least a good month to finish it. I will post updates

Monday, June 13, 2011

open projects..

SO many ideas rolling around in my head. I can not WAIT to get started. BUT I get so impulsive with starting a new project that I never finish the others that I have started. So I seriously have 10, 1/2 finished things going on. From a half sanded dresser to crocheting Gav's baby blanket, (which I started 1 1/2 ago), to mending up a couple of Gav's long pants. So my goal is to finish most of these lil projects before I allow myself to start another one. here is a super simple, yet VERY VERY soft scarf I made for my sister for Christmas. It was an 'IOWEYOU your scarf when I find the time to finish' present. I am finally done. I love love this color!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


The boys have had fevers this week. It is so miserable to see them aching. I so wish I could ache instead of them! It does make me appreciated their smiles and energy once they feel better. Gav's has been double trouble since his top two teefers are comin in so he has been EXTRA whinny.
Gavy with a 102. fever. Never misses a chance to smile!
He loved the cool wet cloth on his head
Jack with a 104.2 fever.
Only wanted his Lamby and his "funny binky"

The mama who was more than happy to cuddle
with two boys on the couch all week!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


  • LOVING...lots of things. But I am loving running. I have never been a big fan. But now I can run like the wind! Even just a couple of months ago, it hurt to run. I am serious. It hurt my hips and butt. Gravity would yank my lard down to the ground with every step and it would scream out in pain. Anybody out there feel me?? But no longer. I feel empowered when I run. Thanks Pilates for the muscles. I really really want to start training for a 1/2 marathon.

  • NOTICING..... That my babies are getting out of control big. I am having a hard time with this lately.G is trying to walk and Jack talks about going to school all the time. That is about the next milestone for him and I am holding off for another 2 years or so! I am not letting my boy outta my sight no sooner than I have to. He is smart,social, makes friends easily, can glue and use scissors. No need to put him in school yet! As for Gavin... every time he stands, I am going to continue to push him down to discourage anymore growing up. And NO, megan hebs, not time for another baby!

  • WAITING.... waiting can be hard sometimes. After 26 years of living, I have finally learned to wait very very patiently on the Lord. His timing is exact. Been waiting on Him for more money,we live without a lot,but we are happy and never go hungry.Been waiting on Him for peace with my family. Mostly been waiting on Him for the future of my nephew Cash. I have no control over anything concerning I am sitting,and praying, and bidding my time. Waiting on my God to lead Cash's life into something great. With us, with someone long as he will grow up happy,healthy, and gets a chance to know God.

  • SMELLING...something fierce!My trash can is on fire. I have a couple of days worth of crappy diapers and some old chicken scrapes. No good.

  • MARVELING.... all three of my boy's eyes. They never cease to amaze me. There are bright, beautiful, baby blue eyes all around me. I am very very lucky.

Friday, June 3, 2011


  • COOKING.. tuna salad for lunch. Dinner is pick up and eat on the beach in dana point with family.
  • SEWING.. A GAVIN shirt like the one i made for jack last month. Also in the process of pimpin out a cute baby tank i bought for a $1 for lil miss Emma.

  • tea that T brought back for me from Boston. how bitchin!! tonight I will be drinking some more appletinis!

  • READING... need of a good book! Any ideas?? I just finished Little Bee and it was all right...

  • GIGGLING.... I have been giggling like a little girl cause I have managed to scare the @#$% outta Tim the past 2 nights. Also been bringing "That's what she said" back. Never gets old!

  • PLAYING...this afternoon I played swim teacher. And played shark and fish with jack in the pool.. it was amazing. jack swam underwater ( i held him) so he got to have 2 Peeps.(those sugar marshmallows). I dunked G for the first time and jack yelled "D! you get peeps now!!" flippin cute.
More ING's tomorrow!!!
* sorry about my punctuation...jack broke off all my important keys on the laptop and now i feel like a newborn typing.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Daddy brought me a Venus Fly Trap all the way back from Boston! I think it's the shitz nit.