Saturday, December 11, 2010

lil nugs of the week.

So sorry dear friends.. I haven't blogged in 5 whole days! I am really busy... ok. I am really lazy.
I will give you a coupla nuggets to get you through till the next post.

First off, I am currently eating a fatty Chipotle chicken burrito. Don't you hate it when you try to eat the thing without cutting it and it poops all outta the bottom when you are only half way there? lame.

I am all finished with Christmas shopping and wrapping. Just waiting for a few more gifts arriving soon via post man.

I have realized that wine tastes even better during the Christmas Season.

Our (Tim and I) new favorite evening pass time is working on 1000 piece puzzles. We have downgraded from cross stiching together, to doing hard puzzles together. What? No, we actually aren't 65 years old. Try 25 and 26. Yes, I realized that to some, it may be lame and may be kinda gay... BUT we actually enjoy it. It's free and innocent and we can challenge our minds while just chillin in our chones ( undies). Please note that some 2buck Chuck is ALWAYS included in our evenings.. how 'bout them apples?

All I wanted was a 5 minute shower with no one pestering me to 'play choo choo,PLAY CHOO CHOO MOM!' And since I decided to clean my body instead of 'playing choo choo', little one decides to color on every wall in our home with NON washable crayons. Why I have these crayons in my home,I know not. I think the evil house elf left them for him. Maybe Jack just wanted to do his own decorating for Christmas. No top of the line cleaners will take these precious scribbles off my yellow walls. They were the devil's crayons. Now my walls are getting a repaint. Payback is a B.
Gav just had his first bowl of baby cereal. Then he had a second. Then I realized that he may be allergic to the soy or milk traces that is in the Gerber Rice Cereal. He ate it very well the first time and not very well the second. I think he knew that it upset his body. He broke out all of his face where the rice cereal touched him and he had really green mucous-y poo. Poor guy. Then I waited for his poop to turn back to the normal, yellow, sweet smelling poo, before I tried 'baby's first apples' by Earths Best. I am going to stick now to Organic Earths Best with no additives and no soy or milk. I kid you not.. the kids loved his apples. Every time he saw the spoon coming towards him, he would rip his hands outta his mouth and open wide! He really is the most preicous thing ever. He has been rolling over and 'scooting' around the living room... it is too early to start being mobile! He is DYING to grow up to play with Jack.

I still have this damn cold.

I have a million parties to go to this Season, and NOTHING to wear. Yes, I am still chubby.

A friend of mine recently had a miscarriage at 5.5 months and I don't know what to do. How do I console? She is not a very close friend, but still a friend. This would have been her 3rd girl. The baby had some growth issues and her first 2 girls have major health problems also. It makes me oh so grateful for my 2 healthy boys. It also makes me regret complaining while being pregnant. I can only pray for her family to get through this..

On a happier note, I have meet with my Grandma who I haven't seen in 10 years. It was an amazing 2 hours. Hope to see her more often.

On a much more happier note, Christmas is in like 12 days. Hot damn I am excited to play Santa!

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  1. My mom said you looked noticeably thinner on Thursday!

    I think there's nothing you can say to someone that goes through that kind of loss...but be there, bring food, send cards, flowers, whatever, but be present.

    Bravo on the puzzles, and bummer about the crayons!