Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One person's crap is another persons... crap?

You know me, you know I am a freebe queen. The dumpster diver diva. The trash tycoon. The hand-me-down ho.
But when does it go too far?
About 90% of my home is filled with furniture/clothing and everything in between, that has been either given to me/bought for me/or picked out from a garage sale. And I love it. But now that I am getting a little older, I am craving some things brand new. I am DYING for a brand new table and chairs. Brand new bed and bedding.
I am also finding that sometimes I go too far with getting free things. I search the 'free' section on Craisglist and Freecycle like a madwoman. I found a sweet 2 person kayak in San Clemente for FREE! I was so excited to get it! I was thinking of all the ways to get it to my house. Borrowing a truck or van? Then it hit me.. we have no room for more crap! Plus when the HELL would I use a kayak? I mean really use it? Just because it is awesome and free, doesn't mean it has my name on it.
So this is the year of organizing my 'treasures' (crap) and REALLY focusing on downsizing even more things in my life. Clutter drives me crazy but I become consumed with the collecting.
Wish me luck on restraining myself come garage sale day.


  1. the hand me down ho. best nickname ever

  2. sorry i didn't call today :( I've been sick and sleeping most of the day. I'll try again tomorrow.

    Also, just have a huge garage sale and make money off all the free stuff you get.