Saturday, April 2, 2011

recent obsessions..

My obsessions:
-Twilight... whole other post.
-My hair. So loving it right now. The length, the color, the shine.
-Stretching myself. Testing my limits. Pushing myself in every direction of my life, seeing how far I can make it before weakening.
-Watching my boys laugh with each other. So intimate, so beautiful, so sad to be left out.

Jack's obsessions:
- Having 'pee parties' with Daddy in the toilet. Both go at the same time, making criss cross pee art.
- Saying "Q, Q, Mommy" ( Thank you) after everything I do for him. Melts me.
-'Charlie Bit My Finger' on youtube.
- Having me lay down with him in bed at bedtime talking about what fun we had that day, fun things we will do the next day, and thanking God for things around us.

Gavin's obsessions:
-Jack. He wants to be like him, walk like him, be silly like him. I call Gav," lil tag along"
- Giggling as he tries to squirm away when I get him dressed or change his diaps. Annoying, but love that he teases me.
-Swimming. Went to the pool for the first time yesterday. Iceberg cold, but he couldn't have been happier.
-Fake laughing at Jack to get Jack to real laugh, that makes Gavin real laugh, and then the giggles continue for minutes.

Tim's obsessions:
-video games
-Dr. Pepper( grrr...)
-His wife.


  1. Tim's Obsessions:
    Dr. Pepper
    Video Games

    ...His wife.


    i love the cohesiveness of this list. At the very least, put yourself at the top of it. :)

  2. love your new background