Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Ross-$1.50.Perfect for Tom Lam on the day of Matt's wedding.It will also be his birthday.I think I will chill a cold one (Pepsi) and hand it to him that day. cute?!
Ross-$3.50. Can't buy a damn latte for that price! Jack's 2 most favorite things.Crocs and Dinosaur Train. Scored BIG TIME!
TJ Maxx-$7.00. Cute for working out.Little small, but I hope to shrink into it. Love the color and the boob support! Brand is AVIA. Excuse the jammie bottoms and the smeared mirror.
TJ Maxx-$10 for the 4 bowls and 4 plates. This pattern makes my smile every time I look at it.I can't wait to throw another parrrta so I can show them off!!

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