Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Hello? Is it me you're looking for??"

Hello?Is it me you're looking for?

 Yes... I am back. Well, I will TRY to be back. I have been gone for almost 5 months! Holy Moses that is a long time. Whenever I think of a length of time, like 5 months, I always think.."Aww..man. If only I stuck to that raw food diet, I would look incredible right now." or "If only I had saved that $10 a week, liked I dreamed, I could buy...."or"If only I practiced sewing or my piano everyday, I would be great by now!"
 Do you ever think like that?? I am a dreamer, I guess. Also, too hard on myself! This stage in my self is just this: SURVIVE!! My needs come later. Just try to  make it to 5 months without anyone going to the hospital or dying.
Oh wait! Ummm that DID happen!!What a freaky start to 2012.Ya'll had big plans for 2012. And you know what I prayed for on New Years Eve? For God to reel me in closer. I am a catch. God knows it. I know it. I have potential that can EASILY glorify Christ. And he has used me more in 2012, well, then I ever thought. Be careful what you pray for! :) But for realsies. I am in love with loving God.
I am rambling... you know me. Got to get it out before it flies away.And I have so much to talk about!
Can you imagine what these over-sized knuckles of hands crafted in 5 months?! LOADS!! But I am also a dingbat, and didn't take that many pictures of them :(
Let's make this post short and sweet and see how many people are still reading me.
                                                              leave you with this lil nugget:
Timmy boy opened his ice cream and it looked like butt. Doesn't it look like his hiney?!

                                                              Missed ya, folks!!


  1. i totally thought that was some weird butt thing you made for tim. gross. And, no, 0% of me EVER thinks, if only...kisses.

  2. WOOO!!! You're back!!!! I just love everything about this. Including Ice Cream Ass. And YES, i totally think like that about time. And speaking of time, it's about time you posted, woman!! Keep it up. I'll be watching.