Thursday, March 17, 2011

I may have found my nitch!

I am creative. I know I am. My mom makes magic with glass. My sister and cousins are beautiful artists. My Grandma use to make stain glass windows as a career. It's in my blood! But I have never found my 'creative nitch'. I am good at kids crafts and playing pretend. I guess I have a creative imagination. I am great at storty telling and have always always done well in my creative writing classes and poetry. I have tried Photography and I am so so at it. I have tried knitting and crocheting and again, ok. I have no fashion sense and no decorating style. BUT maybe I can sew??
Dianne just gave me a VERY old sewing machine and I worked all night trying to figure out how to thread the thread and sew my first stiches. I had a blast! Sounds weird, but it was a rush! I spent 2 hours playing on it and I didn't want to get off! I can't wait till the kids go to bed tonight so I can play some more!! Here is what I made by just fooling around. I was quite proud! I didn't measure anything or cut straight,and the threading is all uneven, but it still came out cute, I think! And Jack will not leave the house without his Lamby's hat!

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  1. i have ALWAYS wanted to sew! Goodonya, matey!