Monday, August 29, 2011

Hang a plate..for free!

Materials: plates,hot glue gun, paper clip/safety pin.

Grab a plate.

Find the spot where you want the nail to go, and sand it up a little.

(sorry no pix of the bent paperclip) You need to bend your paper clip or safety pin a little so you can hang it on your nail. *Test it out,before you glue* It is best to stick it right under the rim ;)
this looks very messy, cause it was my first one.but I say load that puppy with glue!

let it cool, and you are set to hung em right up!
I am going to swap out a couple of these plates for new ones,cause these don't make so well.
but you get the idea.

they have been up over a week and still intact!


  1. If that pink plate falls and breaks....

  2. will you give me a new if it does??