Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pebble Glass Magnets

We whipped these up in a matter of 10 minutes. As Jack would say,"Easy Peasy!"
~super glue
~Mod Podge
~large clear pebbles
~big magnets
~sponge brush
~a cute kid to help you
Here is a little visual instruction...
Are you excited?? This kid sure is!!

Get some glass pebbles from your local craft store.These were from Michaels for $2.50.Make sure one side is flat.

Print photos of some adorable little ones that you know. Cut them to fit underneath the flat side of your pebble.
Small bottle of Mod Podge.I bought 'glossy' and I am thinking that 'matte' would have been better for this craft.
Get a sponge brush like so..I bought a huge bag of different sizes of these for $2 at Big Lots.

Rub it around your face for good measure.

A little more, just in case...

I used a paper plate to pour out some mod podge. Paint on a VERY lite layer of mod p. I used too much the first time, and it came out crappy.
You will need some super glue and some of your magnets.
* Use the bigger magnets, cause I had to use 2 little ones to hold these mac daddy pebbles up!
You don't need the clamps, but if you have them, then use them!
VOILA! Sorry they are hard to see... I took the pictures outside.


  1. I had no idea what you were making until the final photo...now it clicked for me : )
    super cute.
    my next proj are mirrors for the living room, with colored tiles around them...you know? I think you have stuff like that in your house that your mom made.

  2. oh whoops! mosaic mirrors? cool! blog it!