Friday, August 19, 2011

They'rrrrre Grrrrrrrreat!!!!!

Are these not the most stunning eyes you have ever seen. Good gracious I am lucky to have such beautiful babies. Jack's new fav thing is for me to paint his face like a Tiger. I painted this one very fast.It was 10 mins to nap time and he was DYING for a Tiger face.So it looks a little rushed. My favorite part of him wearing this face, is that it scares Gavin to death. And G runs into my arms and holds on tight. I miss that! Of course J takes advantage of this, and ROARS at G all around the house. I giggle in my head.It is so very funny to see.This is a perfect shot of J mid roar and G flippin out. I love the things that happen in this home! Wait until you see tomorrow's post.


  1. I love Jack's "There's something about Mary" hair-do!