Sunday, November 6, 2011

30 minute crafts!

I want to start a new thing here. quick crafts! I have such limited time a day to focus on crafting/sewing..which I LOVE! So I am a huge fan of finishing a whole craft in one day. It feels so good to dip in my creating outlet everyday or so. 

Here is a felt leaf decoration that I saw on Pinterest. (my new bff)
It took my only 20 minutes. I did it all while the boys ate lunch. These are the colors I had on hand but you can get some real cute colors! 

draw a leaf and pick out your colors.I made about 3 leafs out of each color
pick your thread. I used 4 strings

I folded my felt so I only had to cut out my leaf once. Saved a bundle of time!

 make sure you have a cutie that keeps you giggling while working.


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  1. Pretty...and boy he is such a sweetie pie!