Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Wreath!

I know, I know, spare the lecture....
I have a TON of craft posts that need to created so let's start with my latest and work back... introducing my first Christmas yarn wreath! I love it!! Yay for gray!


  1. do you already have your tree up??


    Daniel said we have to wait awhile longer this year than we did last year. Kill. Joy. Actually, that's not true, I suggested it since our tree died before Christmas last year, but I still feel the need to blame him for the lack of Christmas cheer going on at my house. I DID to the mantel for the fireplace and a couple little nothin's. I NEED A TREE!!! That wreath is adorable. I think I saw that on pinterest and thought, ''that looks like something cierra would do!'' and you did. fancy that. you've got that crafty thumb, kid. I think i'm just gonna do the wreath out of the trimmings again this year. i liked that sort of natural, earthy look. I feel like i'm writing an email. damn this is a long comment. maybe we should talk on la telefono sometime....we need to catch up. oh! and hunger games? let's talk.

  2. Yes on hunger games! Told ya!! I have a ton of trimmings from the tree lot to make a natural one too. I somewhat copied the wreath on my board. But mine turned out WAY better. Check them out. They were selling theirs for $40!!