Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Fun

I want to hear no more complaining about the lack of know who you are! My computer is dead and so now I have to fight Tim to use his. 
Here is just a couple of pix from our Halloween party and decorating. We did a whole lot more but I have been extra dumb on remembering to take more pictures..

our pumpkins that J and I carved! 3 days late on taking the pix...oops.
He is so in love with Jack Skellington right now. 
 FALL banner
Monster eyes that you can find lurking all around the house.
This rad stach I found in the parking lot.
BATS!!! So so fun top make! Thank you Pinterest!

Charlie Chaplin (Tanya) and Daphne. 
(my go -to costume). It was a little snug. Last year I will be wearing that!
Didn't even know it was Tanya when I answered the door! I almost said," I didn't invite you"

Tinkled my pants twice playing Pictaphone with this fun crowd.
ps. the more wine Tim drank, the more his Mario shifted from the center!

I know that I posted these on FB book some out there don't have here you go Amanda!

 Sugar high!


  1. I like those black (?) pants you are sporting. What happened to your 'family costume' idea, snoopy or something? charlie brown?

  2. Jack wanted to be this spider so badly. I had to give in!