Friday, September 3, 2010

1st week

1st week with 2 under 21 months has been.....HARD! It takes a very active and creative mind to make everyone happy and to just get through the day. I feel pulled in so many different directions. I don't think I have put deodorant on once this week. I am managing to take a shower everyday... it's just the little things that get the boot. Like breakfast. I have been eating it at around 11am. everyday. Everyone needs my attention. Including the house, dinner,shopping and even myself. I do love having 2 sweet boys though! It is just going to be a tough road to get to that 3rd month or so.Tack on that Jack has had a bad cold all week and looks like Gav is coming down with one too, PLUS Jack learned how to turn doorknobs. Nothing is safe anymore! On a more positive note though..the boys are TO DIE FOR when they are together.It is just the sweetest thing to see J doting on his bro. I have to watch them SO close though.. I have caught Jack sharing his sucker, toothbrush, a recorder, Doritos, and his favorite stuffed animal, Lamby, with Gavin. At least he is trying to share and not hurt right?! Also, I am able to breastfeed this time around! That is so so wonderful! I am thanking the Lord for that! What a special bond I share with Gav during feeding. It's beautiful! I have also had some great friends and family bringing over dinner this past week. A shout out to them! Thank you! You have no idea how helpful that has been!!
That is pretty much it for this week...until next week!

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