Thursday, September 30, 2010

a day in the life...

Started out to be ANOTHER crummy day.. 2 in a row? Now that's not fair. It started out with Jack( doing our 'naked hour') peeing inside a box that holds something that I was planning on returning, now someone lucky will get a pee soaked box. Next, he trots over into Tim's closet and lays a fat one. Then we ended our little whirlwind of events for the morning with Jack now in MY closet, slicing his toe open with my sliding closet doors. Blood EVERYWHERE. I also woke up with Aunt Flo staring me in the face. Really? After only 5 weeks? This could explain my MAJOR irritablness and no patience for anything. Also had an unwanted headache all day, topped off with 105 deg. weather.
So the day continued as usual, hitting, crying, screaming, and the perpetual calling of "mom!" all dang day. Then it was time to head to the grocery store to grab something for dinner. Now those stupid carts don't fit the infant car seat in the back and so I had to put it up on the front where the kids go. I hate doing this cause it's so dangerous, they could tump right out.( I usually carry Gav in my Bjorn) So I threw J in the carts with the cars in front for the kids. I swore my boys wouldn't ever go in them cause they are inched thick with scuz.But rules and promises to yourself fly out the window when you are desperate. So we are cruisin along in the store, I am banging into everything cause I can't see past the car seat, and I keep forgetting about the dumb car that's in the front of the cart. Then we get inline to check out... I look down at Jack and he is eating a half of a donut. What the? I thought he found it in his seat, then I look down at his feet and find.... that a little rat had gnawed open a box of donuts. That's right, at some point during our store trip, little sweet Jack so quietly escapes his chains and snags a box of donuts. Without a word, not even an "Oh wow!", he busts into them. I couldn't help be laugh my hiney off and give him another one in the car. What a great ending to a mediocre day.
Next time, please open a box of edible donuts, those were the pits! And please not a box that costs $4.50. Thanks, Mom


  1. I just died laughing! I can so picture you walking along, can't see because of the baby seat, and that little winner seeing something yummy and helping himself. HIL-AR-ious.

    And the poop and pee, totally vile.

  2. Haha, seriously the BEST. That turd in the closet is a story for the books. His look says it all.
    Wish he would go shopping with me. It would be a great excuse to get a box of donuts.

    Ahh, your pain is our enjoyment.

    Thanks, friend.

  3. you can tell J that Uncle D thought his turd and donuts shenanigans were hilarious.