Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Do you ever walk and daydream? Do you ever walk and eat? I do both! I love to go for walks and snack on candy, peanuts, sunflowers seeds.. etc. Let me say, I love eating. period. But I feel better snacking while I walk! Maybe it helps me to digest it? I dunno.. And what do you daydream about? Money?Love? Family? Future? I will tell you what I dream about. Kicking hiney. That's right. I dream up these scary scenarios that include me and the boys walking and someone coming up from behind me with a knife or gun. I KNOW I wouldn't falter. That man is on the floor in pain if he comes near my kids. I know I would fight with everything I had, unless I truly had to surrender.It makes me feel safer when walking, just knowing what I would do if someone came a huntin!

1 comment:

  1. i do the same.
    especially when it comes to my house. this is the wrong house to break into.

    you know we'd kick ass in a fight.

    we've prepared.