Sunday, September 26, 2010

in a nutshell...

I am soo ready to lose the weight! I have this gross 'tire' around my waist and I wish I could just take it off. I try every morning to get up around 5-6 to go running, but then I see Gav and Tim sleeping and my body screams to climb back in bed. And of course I am not a fool, I do. I can't work out at night cause once Jack goes down, Gavin wakes up. Laaaame.
Went to my friend Jessica's Pilates Plus studio yesterday. It was narly. There were these crazy looking machines and all the women were in itty bitty work out clothes. I felt like a monster truck with a spare tire around my tummy. But good news! Jessica took me aside and told me my baby present is 12 weeks, 3x a week, of free membership at her gym. She is going to weigh me and measure ( sucks) every time I come in. We hopefully start Nov!
I have been VERY into fashion lately. I am still dressing the part of a newbie mom though. You know, sweats, hair pulled back, flip flops. But I can't wait to get back into shape so I can go shopping for a whole new wardrobe. I desperately need one! I am so sick of $5 Target shirts and my same gym pants from 2005. I need a new look! Thank you Rachel Zoe, for the inspiration.
Next I wanna give a shout out to my Lord. Thanks God for my milk production. I tear up every time I see myself producing more milk. He is only eating 4 oz now, but my milk is covering it's butt and producing 4 1/2- 5oz! That is so exciting for me to see. It really is. After the first time only being able to make 1 1/2oz. :) So I always have my shirt off, pumping, feeding or just letting them air out. And because of this, Tim and Gavin are both in awe all day. I always get that song in my head, "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard..."
On more of a bummer note... Gavin has baby acne. IT IS INSANE! Jack had it, but only a little and only on his cheeks. Gav has it on his cheeks, ears, neck, and ALL over the top of his head.. along with cradles cap. It has really scared me this week. He just scratches and cries all the time. I have started putting on some cream, so hopefully that will relieve the itches. I am taking him to the Dr. this week cause he also has come watery poo. I will post a pic of his face so you can see.

I really really am trying to better myself lately. I am trying really hard to get organized with the house, dinner, Jack, personal goals, and our very busy next few months. We have, baby announcements, my birthday, Halloween, Jack's 2nd bday party, Thanksgiving, Christmas pictures, and Christmas. Plus a couple more bdays in between. Holy smokes I am stressed thinking about it! BUT I really am going to try to blog every other day or so. Thats my GOAL.
So keep checking in!! I also want to add a few reassuring topics to my blog. One is 'Tip of the Week' and also something really nice that someone has done for me. So watch out world!


  1. You will lose the weight! So happy about your boob feeding too!

  2. Love love loved this post.

    looking forward to Tip of The Week

    (that's what she said)

    but seriously. :)