Wednesday, November 10, 2010

pumpkin poison??

Yes you read that title right.
Last night I was so excited to make some pumpkin muffins. I had all the ingredients! Except baking soda. So I went to my emergency closet for some. I found an old unopened box of baking soda that I got from someone a looong time ago. I should have been warned from the 70's cartoon drawings all over the box. But I was desperate and I thought,"hmm.. 1 tablespoon won't hurt. Then I will throw the rest away." And I did.
After 20 minutes in the oven, my delectable smelling pumpkin mini muffins came sweeping out of the oven and onto the counter to cool. The sweet smell of Fall wafted throughout my whole house making it such a festive night. Until I took a bite...
Before I did though, I pumped Jack up to have one. I gave him 2 in his bowl. After the first bite, I heard him cough. Then cough again.And then AGAIN. What the H? I bit down tenderly, trying to savor every morsel... then I spat it out faster than you say spat. What in the world?? The WHOLE muffin tasted of baking soda. The stupid baking soda never un-clumped! My mouth burned like I poured the box down my throat! My mouth was starting to bubble! (just kidding, but almost!) I ran and told Jack that it was yucky and to give me the other one. He said," No way Mom. These (cough) are the (cough) best darn ( cough, cough) muffins eva." I said, " your funeral."
Needless to say, he never ate that second one. I found it whole in his bowl, in his closet.
What a wimp.
I 'totally redeemed myself!' by making some very yummy mini pump. muffins tonight with some Target brand bakin soda. Delicious. Even Tim had half a mini one.


  1. I seriously love reading about your little blunders! Makes the early morning feedings a tad less difficult :) Glad you redeemed yourself with the second batch!

  2. I hate it when all you need is one ingredient and running out to a store sounds like the worst thing ever. I would have done the same thing!