Monday, November 22, 2010

2 years..

Happy Birthday (yesterday) to my beautiful baby boy! You are so smart and so funny. You are just like me ;) I could right a novel on how wonderful you are. Everyone that knows me, knows that you are one of the 2 most precious things in my life. Kid, you have so much spirit and life in you, that it sometimes sucks the life outta me!You're exhausting! But more fun than anyone I have ever been around.You are so courageous and kind. Gentle and temperamental. Loud and soft spoken. Fearless and adventurous. Beautiful and so so happy.
I can't even began to write how much I love you and how proud I am of you every single day. I would miss a lot of the beauty in the world, if it weren't for you. You bring color out all around me. Daddy and I love nothing more than getting you excited and watching you light up. Whether it's giving you a handful of spinkles or pooping in the toilet. You are so easy to please and that makes you so wonderful to be around.
You are so unbelievably popular. We know people in India that want to be my friend on Facebook, just to see pictures of you. No joke. We have met many a people that say," Oh, you're Jack's parents?" And you just turned 2. You are so easy to love. I am excited to see what wonderful man you will become. But in the meantime....
Thank you so much for putting up with a mom like me. I sometimes forget to stop and cherish the stages you are in. Like that you still pee on the carpet or how you still need your little 'lamby' and binky to fall asleep.
2 years went 2 fast. I will try my hardest to memorize every second from now on. I love you my little man!
"Skinamarinkadink...I love you!"

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  1. This is so precious! Cierra, you are the best mom! And Jack is amazing. I hope he had a great B-day:)