Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"You're my boy blue!"

So I never gave Gavin a proper shout out for his 2 month mark. How sad. This was the busiest week in the history of my life. I will post all about that next. First things first though. My baby.
You turned 2 months on Oct.24, and you are the sweetest thing on this planet. (Kaylin's new pup comes close). I have no idea how much you weigh since I have yet to take you to the Dr. ( new insurance stuff). But I am going to guess around 13 lbs?
You are wearing 3-6 month clothing and are much taller and I think almost chubbier than Jack at this age.
You are eating every 3 hours on the boob. I only pump when I have to leave you. Breastfeeding was quite the challenge with you, but we pushed thru and made it! Now in my book, it ranks as one of the top best feelings ever. Probably in my top 5. It is so beautiful to see you being nourished by me.
You can't keep your eyes off your mama. I think you stare at me more than your daddy did when we first met. It feels so wonderful to be loved so much by you! you smile every chance you get!
You are sleeping through the night now, about 6 hours straight then wake for food, then wake every 3 hrs. or so. You fall asleep fussing in your swing during the day. You are such a big boy!
You bat at all your hanging toys on your play mat. This is HUGE! I have a friend who's baby is a month older and pays no attention to his toys. Gavin, you are already ahead of the game, my friend.
You love your big bro oh so much! I can just see it in your eyes how much you can't wait to play trucks and play doh with the guy. And Jack loves you to pieces. Just this morning he shared his lovey,'lamby' with you without being asked. I am so so lucky to have such caring boys.
You absolutely LOVE your bath. ( Every boy loves to be naked, I guess).
You fall asleep in your car seat before we even get out of our neighborhood. LOVES the car ride.
HATES when I have to suction your nose and put some lotion on your poor dry,cradle capped head and face.
You are wearing size 2 diapers,but your butt is gettin kinda big, so we need to upgrade to a size 3.
That's about all.
I love you so so much! I really didn't think I could love again after your brother, but the moment I laid eyes on you, I found I had a whole other heart full of love just for you.
Happy 2 months, my dear boy!


  1. CIERRA!!! This was the sweetest thing ever to read. I love the mom that you are. So amazing. Can't wait to experience all that you describe. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. seriously so sweet.

    it's like the modern day baby book.

    ps, love the new blog look. blook.