Tuesday, June 7, 2011


  • LOVING...lots of things. But I am loving running. I have never been a big fan. But now I can run like the wind! Even just a couple of months ago, it hurt to run. I am serious. It hurt my hips and butt. Gravity would yank my lard down to the ground with every step and it would scream out in pain. Anybody out there feel me?? But no longer. I feel empowered when I run. Thanks Pilates for the muscles. I really really want to start training for a 1/2 marathon.

  • NOTICING..... That my babies are getting out of control big. I am having a hard time with this lately.G is trying to walk and Jack talks about going to school all the time. That is about the next milestone for him and I am holding off for another 2 years or so! I am not letting my boy outta my sight no sooner than I have to. He is smart,social, makes friends easily, can glue and use scissors. No need to put him in school yet! As for Gavin... every time he stands, I am going to continue to push him down to discourage anymore growing up. And NO, megan hebs, not time for another baby!

  • WAITING.... waiting can be hard sometimes. After 26 years of living, I have finally learned to wait very very patiently on the Lord. His timing is exact. Been waiting on Him for more money,we live without a lot,but we are happy and never go hungry.Been waiting on Him for peace with my family. Mostly been waiting on Him for the future of my nephew Cash. I have no control over anything concerning him..so I am sitting,and praying, and bidding my time. Waiting on my God to lead Cash's life into something great. With us, with someone else...as long as he will grow up happy,healthy, and gets a chance to know God.

  • SMELLING...something fierce!My trash can is on fire. I have a couple of days worth of crappy diapers and some old chicken scrapes. No good.

  • MARVELING.... all three of my boy's eyes. They never cease to amaze me. There are bright, beautiful, baby blue eyes all around me. I am very very lucky.


  1. I don't want you to have #3 until you live here, smart ass! : )
    You are so loving..I'm so sorry the waiting, and the situation with Cash being out of your control.
    Tim, take the trash out! Or teach Jack how to do it!

  2. I wish this was like facebook and I could like Megan's comment, =).

  3. God's got his hand on Cash and your prayING and waitING are just what he needs. My trash got ripped a part by a couple of thankless animals. I'm definitely ready for THEM to grow up. I started running again/wanting to kill myself. Haven't fallen in love yet, but get back to me in a couple months. I hope to Jesus that's changed.