Friday, June 3, 2011


  • COOKING.. tuna salad for lunch. Dinner is pick up and eat on the beach in dana point with family.
  • SEWING.. A GAVIN shirt like the one i made for jack last month. Also in the process of pimpin out a cute baby tank i bought for a $1 for lil miss Emma.

  • tea that T brought back for me from Boston. how bitchin!! tonight I will be drinking some more appletinis!

  • READING... need of a good book! Any ideas?? I just finished Little Bee and it was all right...

  • GIGGLING.... I have been giggling like a little girl cause I have managed to scare the @#$% outta Tim the past 2 nights. Also been bringing "That's what she said" back. Never gets old!

  • PLAYING...this afternoon I played swim teacher. And played shark and fish with jack in the pool.. it was amazing. jack swam underwater ( i held him) so he got to have 2 Peeps.(those sugar marshmallows). I dunked G for the first time and jack yelled "D! you get peeps now!!" flippin cute.
More ING's tomorrow!!!
* sorry about my punctuation...jack broke off all my important keys on the laptop and now i feel like a newborn typing.


  1. can't wait to see the Gav & Em shirts! Did D get peeps?

  2. read Same Kind of Different as Me.

  3. no one the peeps and i will check out the book.miss ca??

  4. Cute post! I like the INGs theme.

  5. Katie recommended a book to me called The Help. I'm gonna read it next. Check it out.

  6. did you like it? i'm considering giving it a try. or i'll just read whatever you find.

  7. Is that for my Em?? I need to take Ellie swimming, I just am not a fan of getting in the water and I kinda have to do that at this point, haha!! Ellie sure did love those muffins, she had them for breakfast two days in a row! Oh, and that's what she said NEVER gets old, we still say it frequently at my house.