Monday, June 13, 2011

open projects..

SO many ideas rolling around in my head. I can not WAIT to get started. BUT I get so impulsive with starting a new project that I never finish the others that I have started. So I seriously have 10, 1/2 finished things going on. From a half sanded dresser to crocheting Gav's baby blanket, (which I started 1 1/2 ago), to mending up a couple of Gav's long pants. So my goal is to finish most of these lil projects before I allow myself to start another one. here is a super simple, yet VERY VERY soft scarf I made for my sister for Christmas. It was an 'IOWEYOU your scarf when I find the time to finish' present. I am finally done. I love love this color!


  1. REALLY cute and I love the length.

  2. You have some talent girl!

    My view on having a ton of half finished projects is that you are trying to feed many creative outlets at once. I think it is ok to have a few on going projects (within reason or promise to others). It gives you things to switch back and forth between so that your mind stays sharp. It is like when I was still in school. I would get bored with math and burnt on it so I would start a different subject and then go in a circle of all the subjects until I was done with everything. I currently do the same thing with books. Start a one right after the other and read a little of each at a time depending on my mood or intellectual need.

    I say don't worry about having on going projects, you will get them all done someday.