Saturday, June 11, 2011


The boys have had fevers this week. It is so miserable to see them aching. I so wish I could ache instead of them! It does make me appreciated their smiles and energy once they feel better. Gav's has been double trouble since his top two teefers are comin in so he has been EXTRA whinny.
Gavy with a 102. fever. Never misses a chance to smile!
He loved the cool wet cloth on his head
Jack with a 104.2 fever.
Only wanted his Lamby and his "funny binky"

The mama who was more than happy to cuddle
with two boys on the couch all week!


  1. daaaammmnnnn, mama. lookin good.

    i love that gav still smiles through the fever and j looks so sweet in his funny binky.

    can't wait to see you kids soon.

    miss you

  2. I guess they weren't asking to go to school or trying to walk with fevers!
    That is the funniest pacifier, and LOVE that G is smiling w/a towel head.
    I love them!