Wednesday, October 6, 2010

30 day Shred..

Thanks to Megan, I am starting this video, Jillian Michaels, 30 day shred. I started it on Monday, and after the second warm up, I needed a break. Cut me some slack! I haven't done jumping jacks in a long time!
But after I forced myself to continue, I loved it! I wanted to do it again that night! But I thought that it might kill me. I want to start logging in my progress on here to keep me accountable.
So I started on Monday Oct. 4. Yesterday I didn't get a chance to do it, but Tim and I wrestled around the whole house for 20 mins. So since I missed, I am saying that I started yesterday, Oct. 5. I will do this video everyday until Nov. 5. Lemme just be honest here. I ate close to a full batch of brownies yesterday. No joke. I couldn't stop myself! I ate them through the night, every time I got up to feed! I am confessing because I need to feel worse about this. But back to the video.. I used 8 lb. weights cause they were the only ones I had.. it was hard! Also, I suggest that you don't do the video if you are heavily on your period like I am ( grrr) or have a chest full of milk. ouch! And you do sweat hard, so don't do it after a shower.
Ok. enough talking...

Oct. 5 2010 - 164lbs.

Yes I did just tell you my weight. Remember before you think ( fatty!), that I had 2 babies within 22 months and I LOVE to eat! I will weigh in on Monday and we will see if it starting to take an effect. Besides that brownie sin, I am TRYING to eat a whole lot better. I am trying to skip a lot of carbs and NO MORE CANDY/DESSERTS!!! But honestly, I can't go too crazy because I am still breastfeeding and NEED lots of carbs.
So there it is.
Try the video!!!