Friday, October 22, 2010

pulling the plug.. the cable plug that is.

Can I just say how much I HATE that Jack has an internal alarm clock for Yo Gabba Gabba? 5 till, everyday, at 9:55am and 7:25pm it's the same routine. He grabs his binky and lamby and jumps on the couch yelling, "Mom! Gabby! show! Gabby!! MOM!!" I try to dodge him and hide in another room, but he always finds me yelling at me to turn the tube on.
Don't ask me how he knows.Does he know it's coming from the show before? -no, he doesn't watch that much t.v.He even knows it's coming when the t.v. has been off all morning. Does it know it from the position of the sun? -no, it's be raining, and he STILL knows. Does he know it's coming cause it's right around the time of his morning poop?- quite possibly.
I think there is a 'Gabba Ghost' in this house whispering in his ear the time to turn it on.
This show is why I drink.

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  1. Sounds fun. You know, a cableless life is pretty nice. plus, you always have the DVD player.

    kids DO have an internal clock. when i worked at the childcare center, EVERY kid knew instinctively when Even Stevens and Spongebob were on. I even used to try and fake them out and say, "Oh no, I think we already missed it". But they knew....they always knew....