Tuesday, October 19, 2010

pic of the week.

broken glasses have never been cutier.


  1. he is so cute!! i can tell he has lots of fun with his mommy:)

  2. ps, guess what i found in target today for only 10 big ones.

    hint: rhymes with christmas present (para tu).

  3. haha...sometimes i think of that when my students misuse prepositions. they say that all the time.

  4. Our little cousin used to say this when she was little when we'd give her a present.

    She's either referring to that OR to a moment on my fifth bday when Lisa started crying because SHE wanted a present too. So my parents, knowing she's freak, had already wrapped a present for her. When she found out, she said that and then was miraculously happy again.

    PS, her give was identical to mine...just a different color. Happy Birthday Kaylin.