Friday, October 22, 2010

tip of the week..

This is a Mommy Tip of the Week-

When you want an extra half hour or so of sleep, just line your child's crib with books and toys! I line them on the outskirts of the bumper so the boy won't roll into the books and toys, ouch! Gives me at least 1/2 hour longer of sleep AND he wakes up happy and educated! Do it!


  1. This tip is useless to me for at least another few years.

    Tell me what's best for male balding!

    Daniel's paranoid.

  2. why don't you put breakfast in a zip lock bag and buy yourself an hour?

  3. that could work for Gavin, too. you can puncture a whole in the bag and put a nipple (uncomfortable with calling it that) in it. Hang it from the rails so he can reach it....

    See? Just ask the people with dogs. We'll come up with great time savers :)

  4. Megan, he will suffocate himself with a ziploc bag.Try again,