Wednesday, October 13, 2010

you know you are a mom when..

  • you pick up your child's binky that lands on the filthy parking lot ground, and pop it in your mouth before handing it back.
  • all you want for your birthday is one day of no poopy diapers.
  • you drink out of your child's sippy cup cause the goldfish that you are chowing down leaves a big lump in your throat and it's the closest water source.
  • you curse the trash truck outside for being too loud and pray your child doesn't wake up from it.
  • as soon as your baby starts to cry your chest squirts out milk like a fire hose.
  • the amount of diapers you have changed since your child has been born, outnumbers the glasses of wine you have had in your lifetime.
  • you can take the extra skin from your tummy and tuck it under your jeans.
  • you want your child to grow up to be like Little Bear and not Brobee.
  • you can't get 5 quiet minutes in the shower cause someone either always wants in with you or won't stop flushing the toilet and making the water scorch your every inch of skin.
  • from the minute you wake up you are counting down the hours until naptime, then winetime,then bedtime.
  • you are fishing cars,binkies,phones,cups,shoes,and sunglasses out of the trash can.
  • without hesitation, you use your hand for your child to throw up in.
  • nothing fills your heart more than when you see you boys light up when they are near each other.
  • you look forward to church cause it is an 1.5 hours of no,'mom,mommy, or mama' screaming.
  • it's a 'good' Target run when you can get out of Target before your child, again, realizes he can slide out of the belt buckle and stand up in the cart.
  • you are lucky enough to eat your dinner in one sitting.
  • you come home after shopping and you find items that you didn't pick out, but somehow got in your cart.
  • all your worries and sadness melt into the earth when your almost 2 year old hugs you voluntarily or your 7 week old smiles when you meet his eyes.

  • Gav happy Jack was coming to see him in his new chair.
    Olives that J threw in our cart at Target.

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    1. I love this post.

      My favorite is you're counting down the hours til naptime, winetime, then bedtime.


      you're a superhero.