Monday, October 18, 2010

'It was a good one!"

I haven't laughed this hard in quite a while.Let me rephrase that. I haven't laughed this hard that I peed my pants, in quite a while.I'm not talkin lil tinkle, lil squirt or even a little smear. I don't know what a little smear would look like, but it's not what I had. I had the full on pee-thru-the-pants-and-all-on-the-floor kinda pee. The kind that takes over my whole body and I lose so much control that even holding myself doesn't stop the flow. I just have to go with it and clean up my shame later. Let me back track and tell the story.
ok.. it's not much of a story,as it was a scene. Jack was EXTRA wild tonight. He is sick so we didn't go outside in the super cold all day AND it was the 'witching hour'. So I let him run naked throughout the house. First Tim n J and I slid down the stairs on top of each other and in a sleeping bag over and over. Loads of fun. But it gets better.
Don't call me a horrible parent. I will call myself that. First Jack pees all over my beautiful couch.Then the boy started jumping off the couch. Getty up! I am all for it. Tire yourself out. Then I thought I would add a twist to it. Literally. I told him to jump off while spinning in the air. He spun in a couple of circles THEN jumped off. Okkkk.. Great idea! Tim and I encouraged him to spin and spin and spin and then jump off. Boy was that a hoot! He was falling off the couch before he could jump, he was falling into the wall, and jumping off and falling with his white bare hiney in the air. We laughed soo hard. He was acting drunk. How fun is it to laugh at someone when they fall. SO FUN! Keep with me now.. he wasn't getting hurt, he was laughing just as hard. aight? aight.
I guess you had to be there.. but here are a couple of pictures to give you a little idea.

notice the towel on the couch..J's pee spot.
notice Gav admiring big bro.
I just blurred out his gents here.


  1. You never said you got a new couch!!!!!!
    I can imagine that being very funny!

  2. several things in this post are worth repeating just for the laugh.
    1. 'i'll clean up my shame later' had me goin...
    2. covering up his 'gents' was so awesome i can't even describe..
    3. both the pumpkin and NO sign are hilarious.
    not to mention him peeing on the couch.
    4. his expression in picture no. 2 is so funny i laughed out loud just seeing it.

    this post made my day.
    well, this post, a $100 visa gift card from my students, and someone made baklava today. Yep, 12:07 and it's a perfect day.

    Thanks for this.

    I love it.