Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Sooo... still no pounds lost and still no book reading.. what. a. loser.
I need to go back to the library and get a new book! AND It is really really hard to do that video everyday. I am trying to do it every other, because it is that hard to find the time.. really it is. I am doing it this morning. But I HAVE been exercising! I have been walking our lake again and running around the house, wrestling with Tim ( and winning of course). And other small things like that, that do add up. So I am not a total loser, just keeping- to- my- goals kind of loser.


  1. Keep up the small changes! I didn't think Don Quixote sounded like an enthralling book, so good luck finding a better read. Augusten Burroughs books are HILARIOUS!

  2. Yeah, maybe you should skip down to one that's similar to the books you already read. like jane eyre or wuthering heights. those seem more up your ally to jump start you.

    don't feel like a loser. we all fall a little short of our ideals...at least that's what i tell myself. cut yourself some slack, mom of two.

  3. mansfield park is a good one too...along that same genre.